One of the most stressful events in a person’s life is when they have to make a big investment.

There’s so much that goes into a purchase when big dollar signs are on the line. When looking to make a big upgrade to your home like an inground pool, so many questions begin to cross your mind:

  • Who Should You Trust?
  • How Do You Know Your Investment Will Last? 

Whether you imagine a simple in-ground swimming pool installation or a custom backyard retreat, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide which swimming pool contractor to trust.

Keep reading to learn more about the signs that a pool builder is trustworthy.

The Price is Just Right

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you get what you pay for”?

We often find in life that if someone is charging pennies on the dollar for something big, they are probably cutting corners.

Skilled labor, equipment, and quality materials are only a few of the things you expect when you invest thousands of dollars on an installation that needs to:

  1. Add Value to Your Home
  2. Last for Decades
  3. Provide Safe Recreation for Your Family

Consider this scenario…

Your uncle Bobby has a friend who says he can give you a great deal on pool installation.

He says he’s installed pools as a side job for years, and he does it with a buddy in his spare time to save you labor costs. He also knows a guy that sells him the materials for cheap.

A quick Google search reveals horrible ratings for this guy, and you are glad you didn’t trust your Uncle Bobby on this one!

It’s a good habit to research the company and check their reviews across different platforms

You’ll often find a variety of people claiming to be experts in construction and installation, only to check their reviews and find out they are nonexistent or a sham.

Shoddy construction, cheap materials, and unskilled labor can leave you with a poorly-constructed pool that will cost you money and time to fix.

Shop around to compare price quotes, and if anyone’s estimate is wildly low, they probably aren’t worth your time.

Of course, this is only one of many things to think about…

Seek Out Pool Builders that are Highly-Rated

Earlier, I mentioned that you’ll often be shocked by the reviews people leave of businesses and contractors online.

Of course, there will always be unfair 1-star and overly-generous 5-star reviews, however, you can get a general idea of how trustworthy a business is once they build up a fair amount of attention on the internet.

A good rule of thumb is if a contractor has over 30 reviews online, you can depend on their rating as a good reflection of their business.

Better still…

Look for businesses that have ratings on multiple platforms, testimonials, and awards.

(Humble brag alert 😊) 

Sunmar Construction has earned over 70 5-star reviews and testimonials from our customers. We have also won 7 Houzz Awards for our projects in North Carolina in categories such as:

  • Customer Service
  • Project Design
  • Houzz Influencer

If the contractor lists any references you can call, we definitely recommend you take them up on that.

You can get a really clear picture of what it’s like to work with someone over a conversation on the phone.

But there’s more to consider…

The Pool Builder Should Have a Portfolio

You wouldn’t buy a house without looking at it first, right?

It would be unwise to make any big purchase without getting a solid idea of what the finished product will be. Any truly experienced pool contractor should have a collection of photos, or even videos, of the work that they’ve done.

Here’s something else…

Their body of work should be modern, and they should be using the latest materials for their construction.

Suspicious contractors will flash a handful of low-quality, outdated images of their work. That could be a sign that they either haven’t worked in many years, or they aren’t being honest about the work that they’ve done.

As I said before, don’t be afraid to compare portfolios, ask for more pictures, and really visualize the type of work the contractor can do.

Research what the best materials are for pool installation, and ask your potential contractor what they will use. Any experienced contractor should be knowledgeable and upfront about their process.

One more thing…

They Should be Crystal Clear About Their Process

Let me explain.

People are much more willing to trust a company that isn’t afraid to pull back the curtain and show you how they get from A to B.

Whetherit be for a food company, products, or something like pool installation,consumers want to know exactly what they are paying for.

A trustworthy pool builder will be able to give you the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, why) for your backyard project:

  • They should let you know every step of their process, from initial consultation to beyond completion.
  • They should give you an estimate of how long it will take, and have a good idea of any possible challenges.
  • They should know how many people will be needed for the crew.
  • They should know what materials will be used, and why they are the best materials.

When you are shopping around for a contractor, ask them these questions, and follow up on their responses with your own research.

If they stumble around on their answers or are unwilling to get specific, that’s a big red flag that you should take your business elsewhere.


There’s so much to consider when hiring a pool contractor.

An investment of this size costs thousands, affects the value of your home, and comes with maintenance costs and potential safety risks.

When deciding if you trust a contractor, ask yourself:

  • Does their estimate seem too high, too low, or comparable to other reputable contractors?
  • Are they highly-rated? 
  • Do they have an up-to-date portfolio of work?
  • Are they knowledgeable and open about their process?

Once you start finding answers to these questions, your list of possibilities narrows down pretty quickly.

You’ll then be left with the highest-qualified options, and you can feel confident in the contractor you choose.